Push It! 31-Day Pushup Challenge

31-Day Pushup Challenge

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OFJCC Specialized Trainer Anthony Uriarte challenges you to add pushups to your fitness routine in May. He shares his tips for doing them effectively whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Beginners can incline against a wall or bench, intermediate exercisers should do their pushups on their knees and experts on their toes. As the number of repetitions increases, break them up into sets throughout the day.

For the full set of OFJCC monthly fitness challenges, visit our website.

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Scott Murray

Written by Scott Murray

Scott Murray is the former Digital Marketing Manager at the OFJCC, lending his filmmaking skills to the JCC’s video segments and strengthening its presence on the web. A self-proclaimed fitness and music junkie, outside the office he could be found serving up some beach volleyball, running by the bay or strumming his guitar.

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