April 2019

Glenn enjoying the scenery above Chamonix, France, one of the typical starting points for the TMB hike.

Conquering the Mont Blanc Trail

Sure, Glenn Martinson picks up the phone when people have questions about their membership at the OFJCC. But did you know he is also a dedicated hiking enthusiast? Despite an appreciation for the sport, he had never hiked a long trail before. That all changed last year when Glenn and...

Talia and Zack Bodner at AIPAC

I Brought My 14-Year-Old to AIPAC. Here’s What Happened.

What are you teaching your children?  I mean – what are you really teaching your kids? As I focus on teaching Jewish values to my own kids, it is vital that Israel be one of them. I want my children to know Israel, support Israel, wrestle with Israel and love...