Latkes: A to Z Recipes

Delicious homemade potato pancakes.

I’ve never been a big fan of potato latkes. Zucchini latkes, yes. Potato latkes, no. I was originally planning to come up with one alternative recipe to share on this blog, but after scouring the web for ideas, I found so many fantastic concoctions that I had to share them instead!

Here’s an A–Z latke list that will have you trying a new recipe every night of Hanukkah. I found delicious-looking, creative recipes featuring a key ingredient that starts with every letter of the alphabet—with the exceptions of U, V, W and X. I broke the rules a little for those.

If you have a favorite twist on the classic that I didn’t include, please share it in the comments.


Apple Latkes © Smitten Kitchen

A is for Apple

Apple Latkes
A sweet treat for breakfast or dessert. Also try: Cinnamon Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes or Potato, Artichoke and Feta Cheese Latkes

B is for Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Latkes
This recipe was created for Thanksgivukkah in 2013. Also try: Butternut Squash Latkes

Brussels Sprouts Latkes ©What  Jew Wanna Eat

Brussels Sprouts Latkes © What Jew Wanna Eat

C is for Cauliflower

Cauliflower-Curry Latkes
Also try: Spicy Cauliflower Latkes with Za’atar Aioli, Curry Vegetable Latkes and, the guilty pleasure of the bunch, Grilled Cheese Latkes

D is for Duck Fat

Duck Fat-Fried Latkes with Quince Conserva
Because everything is better fried in duck fat, right?

Latkes Eggs Benedict © What Jew Wanna Eat

E is for Egg

Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict
Brunch in a latke—lox included! Also try: Eggplant Latkes

F is for Fennel

Fennel-Lemon Latkes with Toasted Caraway Sour Cream
A sophisticated spin on the crispy classic.

Hatch Latkes ©Little Ferraro Kitchen

Hatch Latkes © Little Ferraro Kitchen

G is for Garlic

Roasted Garlic and Herb Latkes
For me, any recipe with the word “garlic” in the name is a step above the rest.

H is for Hatch Chile

Hatch Chile Latkes with Hatch Guacamole
A somewhat more obscure ingredient that’s a spicy New Mexico treat!


Indian Spiced Potato Pancake with Mint & Yogurt Chutney © Food52

I is for Indian Spices

Indian Spiced Potato Pancake with Mint & Yogurt Chutney
Just look at the picture—it’s so fluffy! This is a must-try flavorful addition to your latke repertoire.

J is for Jalepeño

Cilantro-Jalapeño Latkes
Latkes with a serious kick!

Organic KaleK is for Kale

Kale Latkes
You knew it was coming, right?

L is for Leek

Leek Latkes
Also try: Butternut Squash and Leek Latke Benedict

M is for Mushroom

Celery Root and Mushroom Latkes with Onion Applesauce
Also try: Porcini Mushroom Latkes with Mushroom Salad and Chive “Cream” and Mashed Potato Latkes with Zucchini and Dill

Turkish Carrot, Apricot, and Pine Nut Latkes (Havuc Koftesi)  ©Mezze & Dolce

Turkish Carrot, Apricot, and Pine Nut Latkes (Havuc Koftesi) © Mezze & Dolce

N is for Nut

Pine nut, that is…
Turkish Carrot, Apricot, and Pine Nut Latkes (Havuc Koftesi)
Also try: Zucchini Latkes With Parmesan, Pine Nuts and Basil and Nacho Latkes. I take back my “guilty pleasure” comment about grilled cheese latkes. This one takes the cake.

O is for Olive

Olive Latkes
I like olives, but I’m not sure how I feel about this one. If anyone tries it, please let me know how it turns out.

ripe persimmons in a wicker basketP is for Potato

Classic Potato Latkes
I felt obligated to feature the classic. But there are so many great options! Also try: Persimmon LatkesParsnip Latkes with Mustard Cashew Cream and Honey Roasted Apples and Parmesan Potato Pancakes

Q is for Quinoa

Quinoa Vegetable Latkes
Add a healthy dose of fiber and protein to your latkes!

R is for Root Vegetable

Root Vegetable Latkes
The ingredient is more generic than I would like, but they look delicious.

Smoked Salmon Latkes ©Rachel Phipps

Smoked Salmon Latkes © Rachel Phipps

S is for Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Latkes served with a Lemon and Caper Sour Cream
Also try: Potato Latkes with Smoked Salmon, Caviar, and Tarragon Crème FraîcheSweet Potato Latkes with Brie and Baby Arugula and Spinach, Feta and Potato Latkes (Spanolatkes)

T is for Turnip

Potato-Turnip Latkes Fried in Duck Fat
You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a turnip. But I’m sure this is a good recipe. It’s fried in duck fat, after all.

Ube Pancake ©ang sarap

Ube Pancake © ang sarap

U is for Ube Yam

Ube Pancake
Purple pancakes! I couldn’t find a latke recipe using ube yams, but I did find recipes for another kind of potato pancake. For something a bit more traditional with a purple twist, try Purple Potato Latkes.

V is for Vodka

Though I had an impossible time finding a V food to incorporate into latkes (other than the too-generic “vegetables”), the Vodka Latke Party came to my attention. Time for some party-planning ideas from KvellerWilliams-Sonoma and sheknows.


Latke Waffles © Smitten Kitchen

W is for Waffle

Latke Waffles
Another tough one. Instead of putting a certain ingredient in a latke, put the latke in a waffle!

X is for Xero

(According to Urban Dictionary). Nothing. Nada.

Y is for Yam

Spicy and Sweet Yam Latkes
Another recipe infused with delicious Indian spices.

zucchiniZ is for Zucchini

Zucchini Latkes
Becoming almost as commonplace as the potato latke, zucchini latkes have my vote.

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Liz Torczyner

Written by Liz Torczyner

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    How about V is for Vegan? No, not made out of vegans. This is my go-to latke recipe, tried & true, via Isa Chandra Moskowitz:

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