What Was Your Favorite Moment From J-Camp This Summer?


We asked campers and counselors to share some of their favorite moments from this year’s J-Camp:


“Two weeks ago we went to a lake. I got to swim in my clothes because I forgot my bathing suit.” —Sophia, 9

“I loved when we got to dress up as superheroes! I was Spiderman.”   —Daniel, 5

“Seeing my finalized cake in Ace of Cakes.”   —Casey, 12

“I loved Mad Science camp because we got to make slime. Mine was orange!”   —Sydney, 7

“I loved the sleepover. I liked glow-in-the-dark capture the flag and the ice cream and watching the Incredibles movie.”   —Liam, 8

“I like the counselors. They are all very friendly. I can talk to them for minutes on end about anything.”   —Matthew, 10

“The first time we did seltzer rockets: We didn’t know what to expect. The kids filled their bottles with a little water and added a seltzer tablet. The rockets went waaaaay up. We planned to do the activity for 15 minutes, but the kids loved it so much we did it for 30.”   —Larbi, counselor

“When we went to Great America and I went on the BIG rides because my friends assured me that it would be fun …. and they were right.”   —Lexi, 12


Check out more of our favorite J-Camp moments on our Facebook photo album.

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Amy Snell

Written by Amy Snell

Amy Snell was formerly the OFJCC's Senior Communications Manager. When not engaged in social media blitzing, Amy enjoys spending time exhorting her two teenage sons to do their chores, shower and study. She also noodles about in sailboat races (motto: Don't break the boat), pretends to play the ukulele, and wants to be a karaoke star when she grows up.

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