Zhibo Z.: My OFJCC Fitness Journey

Zhibo and OFJCC trainer Kevin Magro
Zhibo and OFJCC trainer Kevin Magro

What’s your background?

My name is Zhibo and I’m an engineer at Google. My hobbies include traveling to Europe, mathematics and weight loss. I joined OFJCC in January 2018 and I’ve been coming to the gym six times a week.

Why did you decide to change your lifestyle?

My original weight was too high and I wanted to totally change my lifestyle, including both healthy diet and exercise.

How did you find your personal trainer Kevin Magro?

Actually I contacted Bonnie [McLaughlin, OFJCC Fitness and Personal Training Manager] first. As Kevin is an expert on weight loss, Bonnie arranged some starter class with him. The class was very impressive and I could feel progress even after just one, so I chose Kevin as my personal trainer for following my weight loss plan.

Could you tell us about your fitness plan?

I went from 228 to 170 pounds thanks to cardio exercise and the ketogenic (“keto”) diet. After training with Kevin, I lost 20 more pounds.

What made it work?

The whole process includes three sections:

The first thing is keeping the keto diet. Before training with Kevin, I did cardio exercise six times a week, each cardio exercise included one hour of cycling and one hour of swimming. Then, I usually had a training session with Kevin every Friday, which was mainly 55-min HIIT exercise. In addition, for the rest of week, I did one hour of cycling and 30 minutes of HIIT, applying what I learned in the training session.

What advice do you have for others who would like to make a change in their lives?

Weight loss should be a long-term goal. Don’t be anxious when you don’t see the desired result after a day, week or even a month. Just keep exercising and stick with your diet every day. Life will be different than what you expected afterwards.

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Andrea Longini

Written by Andrea Longini

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