What’s Your Secret Tip for Saving Water?

We asked members of the OFJCC community to share their favorite water-saving tips:

“Instead of using the towels at the JCC after my water exercise class, I bring one from home, then hang it up to dry. I can use the same towel for several classes in a row, cutting down on the washing!”     –Gayle

“Turning off the water when soaping my hands. You’d be surprised how much water it wastes when you leave it on.”     –Jeremy

Nebia showerheads use 70% less water compared to a normal showerhead by aerating the water. It’s a new product, funded through Kickstarter–I just got my email to pre-order one.”     –Jamie

“No water waste at our house. Cooking water is great for your garden and half-empty water and seltzer bottles all end up watering my indoor and outdoor plants.”      –Mimi

“I do an almost waterless leg shave using olive oil and just a small cup of water. You can use any natural oil, just let it soak in well before you start shaving, and swish the razor in a small cup of water to rinse. As a bonus, my legs are super soft from the oil!”     –Elaine

“We wash our clothes on the ‘light wash’ setting, which uses less water.”     –Robin

“I’ve taught the kids not to pour the leftover down the drain if they don’t finish a cup of water. We put it in the cat’s bowl.”     –Chris

“My car and my dog are both very, very dirty. They’re running just fine in spite of it.”     –Amy

Get more great tips from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

How do you use less?

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Amy Snell

Written by Amy Snell

Amy Snell was formerly the OFJCC's Senior Communications Manager. When not engaged in social media blitzing, Amy enjoys spending time exhorting her two teenage sons to do their chores, shower and study. She also noodles about in sailboat races (motto: Don't break the boat), pretends to play the ukulele, and wants to be a karaoke star when she grows up.


  1. Jamie says:

    Some great ideas! I particularly love the shaving idea…

  2. Carol says:

    Keep shallow plastic pan with soapy water for dirty utensils to soak before dishwasher. When cooking, I put two containers of soapy and clean hot water so I can clean hands in between things. Rinse off from faucet if necessary. I don’t drain tub and use plastic pitcher to flush toilet (usually).

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