Our Oasis Playground: The Tinker’s Workshop

What could be better than exploring Charlie’s chocolate factory or visiting Gepetto’s workshop? We think it was our trip to Scientific Art Studios (SAS) where the OFJCC’s Oasis Playground is being fabricated.

In January, the OFJCC senior management team visited SAS at their Richmond workshop to see the progress on our Oasis and we all became kids for a few hours!IMG_4434

SAS’s huge complex feels like a movie backlot with crafting sheds housing both current work as well as hulking replicas of projects for past clients like the Monterey Aquarium, San Francisco Zoo and AT&T Park.



We saw scale models of our intimate “tent of Abraham,” watched the tipping tunnels of our Rube Goldberg-y “water wall,” saw and touched their ongoing experiments in fabricating exciting—but safe—slides and other enticing play features. We watched SAS artisans and craftspeople at work, testing colors, materials and textures all with the goal of building us a visually and physically exciting children’s wonderland that adults will enjoy, too.


Coming to the OFJCC June 2016!

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Mimi Sells

Written by Mimi Sells

Mimi is the former OFJCC Chief Marketing Officer and subsequently Senior Advisor for Special Projects, which means she worked on top secret activities which included spearheading the creation of the Oasis Play Space. She believes a healthy life includes walking 10,000 steps a day and eating the four basic food groups: chocolate, cookies, ice cream and candy.

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