Author: Debbie Togliatti

Teacher Debbie at the Frajda preschool, Krakow JCC

Why I’m Spending Shabbat in Poland

The OFJCC Leslie Family Preschool’s beloved Teacher Debbie traveled to Poland this week to spend time volunteering and sharing educational insights with the Krakow JCC. I’ve spent the past four days at the Krakow JCC, mainly in their preschool called “Frajda,” which means joy. This school is merely a year...

Garden Pedagogista Debbie Togliatti and Rebecca

Why on Earth isn’t Every Day Earth Day?

OFJCC Garden Pedagogista Debbie Togliatti ponders the impact of small actions in the big scheme of things. It’s the eve of Earth Day, and I’m wondering how people will choose to honor the one day out of the year when we devote ourselves to thinking about our planet and/or taking action...


Teacher Debbie: The Jewish Value of Eating in Season

Beloved preschool teacher and Garden Pedagogista Debbie Togliatti shares her wisdom on respecting the land by eating according to the seasons. Even though spring hasn’t arrived yet, I’m already dreaming about what’ll come in summer: juicy tomatoes and stone fruit, especially sweet cherries, crisp cucumbers, more zucchini than I’ll ever be...