My Fitness Journey: Jamie Winslow-Mozetti

When Assistant Fitness Director at the Oshman Family JCC Jamie Winslow-Mozetti found out she was pregnant she set a goal of keeping her overall weight gain to a healthy level. Under the supervision of her doctor, she embarked on a fitness plan with her personal trainer, Bryan Osuna, at the OFJCC. Many months of tough dietary choices, personal training sessions, and home workouts followed. In the end Jamie’s hard work resulted in not only a healthy weight gain, but a healthy newborn son and a strong, confident new mother.

Nowadays, Jamie continues to maintain her health with personal training sessions at the OFJCC alongside her husband Danny, while their son, 8-month-old Matthew, begins his first swim classes at the indoor pool.

Click below to watch Jamie’s journey for yourself:


You can learn more about personal training at the OFJCC on our website.

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Scott Murray

Written by Scott Murray

Scott Murray is the former Digital Marketing Manager at the OFJCC, lending his filmmaking skills to the JCC’s video segments and strengthening its presence on the web. A self-proclaimed fitness and music junkie, outside the office he could be found serving up some beach volleyball, running by the bay or strumming his guitar.

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