Exclusive Interview: Lieutenant Colonel Yaniv Nimrod Speaks with the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, CA

Yaniv Nimrod backstage on set of the new show "Ma Pitom?"
Yaniv Nimrod backstage on set of the new show "Ma Pitom?"

This week, the OFJCC was fortunate to sit down with the one and only Lieutenant Colonel Yaniv Nimrod, who will be gracing us with his presence this year at the 2022 OFJCC Annual Benefit.

OFJCC: Lieutenant Colonel Yaniv Nimrod, you made waves at the OFJCC Annual Benefit last year with your epic bravado and outrageous promotion of our state-of-the-art Goldman Sports and Wellness Complex.

Yaniv: You’re welcome.

OFJCC: It would appear, from your incredibly thick and exaggerated Israeli accent, that English is not your first language.

Yaniv: I speak twenty-seven language [sic], including “Boom Boom Pow.”

OFJCC: Got it. Some have said that you bear a striking resemblance to community member Mike Alcheck. Coincidence?

Yaniv: I know him. I understand he used to be Commissioner. I am Colonel. Starts with same letter but big difference. Biiig difference. Huuuge.

OFJCC: We have heard that you are returning for a second appearance at the OFJCC Annual Benefit this year. What can we expect to see from the Colonel?

Yaniv: Yes, you are welcome. I am in charge of extreme security and DJ. I teach you “Boom Boom Pow.” Yalla!

OFJCC: Yalla, indeed. Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel.

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Written by Oshman Family JCC

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