How Can I Stand with the JCC?


One of the most amazing things about serving as Chief Marketing Officer is that I get to hear so much of the good, the bad, and the just plain weird of all that happens at the OFJCC and in our community. Though the call we received last Monday that forced us to evacuate was certainly in the “bad” category, my colleagues and I have been absolutely overwhelmed and deeply touched by the outpouring of support from across the community this week. We’ve had visits, calls, letters and other messages of support from many faith communities, organizations, and political leaders as well as hundreds of individuals throughout the area. As distressing as it is to receive a threatening call, it has been wonderful to know that the community stands with us.

One question that I’ve received from friends and community members is, “What can I do to help? How can I take meaningful action to show that I stand with the JCC and against hate?”

Below are a few ways you can take direct action. Thank you so much for your support!

  • Keep reaching out. The support and encouragement we’ve received from every part of the community is tremendously meaningful to everyone here.
  • Come be with us. Whether you’re a longtime member or you’ve never set foot at a JCC before, the OFJCC is open to everyone! Come have a cup of coffee, work out, swim, attend a lecture or just hang out. Your simply being here is a way to stand with us.
  • Bring a friend. The more people who visit a JCC and discover what a warm and welcoming place it is for everyone, the safer and better supported we are.
  • Be part of the social media campaign #IStandWithTheJCC. Use the hashtag and tell your own story about what a JCC has meant to you or why you are moved to stand with us. We even have #IStandWithTheJCC stickers you can wear!
  • Join us with a J-PASS. It is free and gives you discounts, gym passes, and event updates. More importantly, it says that you are part of our vibrant, pluralistic and open community. Counting you among our J-PASS holders lets us reach out to you when we need support, and is an important way for us to show media, donors and partners that our community is unafraid to stand with the JCC.
  • Become a member. No other gym offers a JCC’s array of social, cultural and educational activities. Join the OFJCC and get access to our superb fitness and aquatics facilities.
  • Make a gift by visiting Security costs money, and disruptions to business don’t help. Any amount you are comfortable giving helps us to be more resilient.
  • Ask your member of Congress to urge the FBI and DHS to take action against anti-Semitic acts. The JCC Association of North America has some helpful tips on how to make your voice heard at
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Nathaniel Bergson-Michelson

Written by Nathaniel Bergson-Michelson

Nathaniel Bergson-Michelson is the Chief Marketing Officer at the OFJCC. A Bay Area native, his career began in Tokyo with PR for Japanese Government clients. He is passionate about data visualization, honey collecting, and puzzles. When not at the OFJCC, he can be found either singing with Peninsula Cantare or at home, losing strategy games to his wife and two sons.

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  1. Linda Beckstrom says:

    Nathaniel, You would remember me as LInda Yip when I worked at Cengage. I am retired and living in Wasington State.
    I want to share my support of the JCC and the community it supports. All the best to you, your family and JCC. These are trying times.

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