April 2017

Lyndsey and others at a temple outside Kyoto

Know What You Are Made of

OFJCC Personal Trainer Lyndsey Jones shares profound insight from her trip to Japan. The last time I wrote I had just gotten back from my first solo trip to Peru, exhilarated by the perspective I gained. Even so, I couldn’t wait to embark on another journey. My goal in traveling is to experience other...

Garden Pedagogista Debbie Togliatti and Rebecca

Why on Earth isn’t Every Day Earth Day?

OFJCC Garden Pedagogista Debbie Togliatti ponders the impact of small actions in the big scheme of things. It’s the eve of Earth Day, and I’m wondering how people will choose to honor the one day out of the year when we devote ourselves to thinking about our planet and/or taking action...


Instructor Spotlight: Betty S. Says ‘Keep Going’

OFJCC yoga instructor Betty Strain shares her 50 year journey with the practice of yoga and advises us to keep going from her vantage point at 83. My philosophy is to not sit around doing nothing—get out and do something! As my mother used to say with her accent, “You...