September 2017


Surviving and Remaining Human: A “Near Normal Man”

Charlene Stern, the producer and director of the documentary film Near Normal Man, offers lessons learned from her father’s survival of the Holocaust and his message for the next generation. With decades of details from my father’s life, I’ve learned that the limitless evil that exists in humankind is less...


New Year, New Chicken Dish

Blogger and community member Nicole Gesher presents a delectable chicken dish just in time for Rosh Hashanah. With a slew of Jewish holidays just around the corner, I find myself yearning not just for a sweet new year for my family and friends, but also for new recipes that will spice things...


Making Space to be Better: The Jewish Practice of Mussar

Professional coach and Mussar educator Barbara Gottesman shares what Jewish tradition knew before modern science. It happens every year at the end of summer. I plan that, this year, I’m going to be ready for the High Holidays. I’m going to be present, assess my life, set goals on how I...