February 2016


A Special Place for Families

The OFJCC’s Leslie Family Preschool is a special place where children and families are nurtured and supported. Hear what our parents and staff have to say about the program in this new video: Visit our website for more information about the OFJCC and our amazing preschool.

Our Oasis Playground: The Tinker’s Workshop

What could be better than exploring Charlie’s chocolate factory or visiting Gepetto’s workshop? We think it was our trip to Scientific Art Studios (SAS) where the OFJCC’s Oasis Playground is being fabricated. In January, the OFJCC senior management team visited SAS at their Richmond workshop to see the progress on our Oasis and...

Carving a New Path

If you engage in any sort of media these days you will be confronted with the discourse on the roles of women and their autonomy, value, rights and access. The discussions vary from reproductive rights, parental leave, access to STEM education to religious roles. It is often the case that the fault...