April 2020

Cynthia Erivo and Stephen Schwartz perform "When You Believe" from the Prince of Egypt (Saturday Night Seder screenshot)

Saturday Night Seder: My Favorite Moments

As I spoke with my mother over the phone, she shared her plans to watch Saturday Night Seder live on YouTube this past Saturday. Curious, I asked her about it. The event was made up of an all-star cast of Hollywood celebrities, talented writers, editors and sound mixers who decided...

STEAM Carnival

Breaking Free: COVID-19, Bob Marley and Passover

There is no better holiday to celebrate during the times of COVID-19, than Passover. I mean, really, the symbolism is almost too much to bear. We have plagues (pick your favorite), fanatical cleaning and social distancing ordinances that resemble the biblical guideline to celebrate the Passover just with one’s closest...