From Forts to Feasts: Tips for a Fabulous Sukkot Dinner Party

Rustic Dinner Table Setting for Sukkot

If you grew up in a Jewish household, you probably decorated or even built a sukkah at some point. Whether in your backyard, at Hebrew school or at a local JCC, this is the holiday that helped you fulfill the ultimate childhood fantasy: building the best fort of all time.

As adults, the harvest festival of Sukkot is a joyful occasion to spend time with friends and family with an al fresco dinner party. Here are some ideas for your Sukkot festivities:
Moroccan Lanterns
Start with a cohesive theme for your sukkah like a Moroccan motif. Imagine rich, jewel-tone colors, floor cushions and hanging lanterns. Some crafty ideas from Creative Jewish Mom include great DIY projects like soda bottle flowers, and Home Design Lover’s 15 Outstanding Moroccan Living Room Designs offers a collection or gorgeous, eclectic design.

Apple CandlesAnother approach is to go rustic with earthy textures, neutral hues and shabby chic elements. The Mason jar can be your best friend—it is your drinking vessel, flatware and napkin all in one tidy package; your centerpiece, filled with wheat stalks or wildflowers; your bowl of cornbread-topped chili—the options are plentiful. Additions like apple candles and a burlap table runner are easy finishing touches.

Stuffed Sweet PotatoesWhat to serve? It is customary to eat stuffed food and Joy of Kosher came up with this mouth-watering list of 30 Stuffed Foods for Sukkot. Try Curried Vegetable Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini and Avocado Stuffed Salmon with Wild Rice. Top it all off with Tory Avey’s Dark Chocolate Fruit Candies with pomegranate, figs and dates.

Backyard S'mores To keep the kids busy and happy, give them their own party! Wholesome Mommy gives detailed instructions on how to set up an outdoor movie theater. Order a pizza, pop in a movie and keep them entertained for hours. For those trying to avoid too much screen time, set up a sukkah just for the kids (a pop up tent will do just fine) with craft supplies and see what amazing decorations they create. A couple of simple projects include paper cutout “snowflakes” and of course the classic paper chain. And while you’re enjoying a decadent dessert, let them eat S’mores! No fire pit? No problem. A terra cotta planter, aluminum foil and charcoal will do the trick.

So flex your creative, Martha Stewart-worthy muscles and be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration, DIY décor and tasty treats.

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Liz Torczyner

Written by Liz Torczyner

Liz was the Director of Marketing at the Oshman Family JCC. She loves great food, spending time with family and friends, and singing shamelessly in the car. An avid carnivorous plant collector, Liz has about 50 merciless bug-eaters in her yard.

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