Playback: When Science and Religion Collide

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and an esteemed panel of guest lecturers spoke about the influence of Jewish thinking on scientific inquiry and achievement at the OFJCC’s Judaism and Science Symposium on April 12. The event was presented in partnership with Moment Magazine and was moderated by KQED‘s Michael Krasny.

According to Lord Rabbi Sacks, “Too often, science and religion are portrayed as mutually exclusive ways of viewing the world. This is simply untrue. They are compatible, but they need to be understood properly. Science takes things apart to see how they work. Religion puts things together to see what they mean.

“Unless we hold these two spheres in equilibrium, the results will be catastrophic. Science without religion produces a society that dehumanizes; religion without science produces myth. It is only when taken together that we are able to constitute a full expression of our humanity.”


Read more about this event here.

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Scott Murray

Written by Scott Murray

Scott Murray is the former Digital Marketing Manager at the OFJCC, lending his filmmaking skills to the JCC’s video segments and strengthening its presence on the web. A self-proclaimed fitness and music junkie, outside the office he could be found serving up some beach volleyball, running by the bay or strumming his guitar.

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