Doctor’s Warning: These Bikes May be Habit-Forming


In honor of National Bike Month, Antoinette Rose, MD, internal medicine physician and the volunteer captain of the Oshman Family JCC Expresso Bike Team, takes a moment to explain the program’s appeal and why her team is in the lead of the JCC Expresso Bike Challenge.

OFJCC: What are Expresso bikes?

Dr. Antoinette Rose (AR): I think of them as a crossover between a video game and an exercise machine. You don’t have to use them that way, but they provide a plethora of imaginative virtual rides, along with ample opportunity to challenge oneself and feel like part of a team.

OFJCC: How did you get involved?

AR: Two years ago I happened to see a poster for the Expresso bike challenge of the month, which was a Tour de France simulation where you rode certain challenges to travel an imaginary map around France. It captured my imagination and enabled me to exercise much more consistently than I had prior than that.

OFJCC: Why stationary bikes?

AR: While I do bike outside, the indoor bikes help me to have a habit. There is not one right answer out there as to what is the best way to exercise. The best way to exercise is what makes you stick to it.  When people tell me they only exercise outside, I say it is not something I could be consistent with.

OJFCC: You’re a busy person. What made you decide to be the team captain?

AR: It’s fun to go into the gym and have a purpose, have a role—for me that works well.

OFJCC: How do you become part of the team?

AR: Registering takes just a couple steps—you enter a phone number, password, then sign on and create a virtual record. You can go online and see every ride you’ve ever done as well as monthly challenges.

OFJCC: Why do you feel the Oshman Family JCC is winning the JCC Expresso Bike Challenge?
AR: A combination of personal trainers telling trainees to sign up and the fact that the bikes are fun and easy to register for. We have eight bicycles and are a busy gym—those are tremendous advantages. We’re just going to rack up the miles.

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Andrea Longini

Written by Andrea Longini

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