When Is a Birdhouse More Than Just a Birdhouse?


When is a birdhouse more than just a birdhouse? When it’s a hands-on lesson in carpentry and a chance to do a mitzvah, a good deed! Watch as the Club J kids learn about the satisfaction of building a birdhouse with their own hands:


Carpentry is just one of many rewarding programs Club J students explore. Learn more at www.paloaltojcc.org/clubj or watch this video about what makes Club J so special.


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Tzachi Flat

Written by Tzachi Flat

Tzachi Flat is the former Teen Program Manager at the OFJCC. He has been involved with the JCC since he was two years old, and has worked for the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto’s Youth and Teen department for the last four years. He enjoys carpentry and building with OFJCC kids, gardening and environmental education, traveling, snowboarding, ice hockey, pickup football and basketball, biking, scuba diving, and loves to barbeque with friends.

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