Don’t Kids Say the Funniest Things?


Every now and then, children are known to dispense real nuggets of wisdom – and sometimes hilarity. So OFJCC’s own Edgar Ochoa took some time to speak to J-Camp kids to find out the tunes that brighten their day and their favorite fauna, learning something about the flying speed of a falcon along the way.

Ask a Camper: Favorite Camp Song

Ask a Camper: Favorite Animals


(Fact check: The highest measured speed of a peregrine falcon was clocked at 242 miles per hour.)

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Andrea Longini

Written by Andrea Longini

Andrea Longini calls herself the Communications Manager at the OFJCC. She also calls her family long distance in Pittsburgh and her in-laws even longer distance in Belgium. She believes part of living fully is staying in touch with people you care about. An example of how this can be done is by sending them links to meaningful blog posts. Now that's what she calls communicating!

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