What Are You Listening To?

It seems everyone has earbuds on around the OFJCC, tuning in to their private audio track—especially in the Fitness Center. So we asked a few members what they are currently listening to:

The Cure is coming to Shoreline Amphitheatre in May and it’s gotten me back into them again.”   —Jill

“I’m listening to a lot of NPR these days, in particular Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk. ”   —Sam

“I’ve been listening to a podcast called Creative Mornings— interviews with creative people about what they’re working on. It’s very inspiring.”   —Mimi

“I’m into a band called The Heavy right now—a really amazing rock band from the U.K. You would recognize their song ‘How Do You Like Me Now’ from some tv commercials. I’ve also been listening to Black Map, a local band from San Francisco. They’re great, but haven’t made it big yet. You can still see them live for $10.”   —Ed

“A lot of EDM (electronic dance music) and a podcast called The Message, which is a fictional story about deciphering code.”   —Jared

“A lot of West Coast alternative bands including the Bay Area’s own I The Mighty.”   —Scott

What’s on your playlist?

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Amy Snell

Written by Amy Snell

Amy Snell was formerly the OFJCC's Senior Communications Manager. When not engaged in social media blitzing, Amy enjoys spending time exhorting her two teenage sons to do their chores, shower and study. She also noodles about in sailboat races (motto: Don't break the boat), pretends to play the ukulele, and wants to be a karaoke star when she grows up.

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